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This page describes both describes OCL Stroop Test and contains and interactive version.

1. Background and introduction
2. Test procedure
3. Interactive test
4. Score interpretation
5. Materials

Background and introduction

The stroop effect is widely studied effect in psychology where it is harder and takes longer for the color a word to be printed in to be determined if that color does not match the text, then vice-versa.

Test procedure

This test requires that your device have a keyboard to be taken. During the test you should place your fingers on the r, g, b, o, and p keys. Words will be shown you in either red, green, blue, orange, or purple. You must press the corresponding key as quickly as you can. If the word shows up printed in red, press the r key, etc.

You will be shown eighty five words in the test. It should take 3-5 minutes to complete.

Interactive test

Before you start, make sure you have read the test procedure (above).

Score interpretation

It usually takes people about 400ms longer to provide the correct answer when the color of the word does not match the meaning of the word than when it does.