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This page describes both describes OCL Working Memory Test and contains and interactive version.

1. Background and introduction
2. Test procedure
3. Interactive test
4. Score interpretation
5. Materials

Background and introduction

Test procedure

In the test you will be shown a series of symbols and have to remember them. For example, one series might consist of the following four items:

These items would be shown to you one at a time, for about one second each, then you would be shown a group of eight items and asked to remember which of those eight you just already saw in the sequence. For example, here are possible answers for the example sequence (the correct ones have already been marked):

It is important that you mark down items that were in the series, but it is also important not to mistakenly say you saw an item when you did not. Each item you correctly identify as having seen in the series is worth one point, for each item you claim to have seen but did not actually, you lose a point.

In the full test you will do this (see a series, then have to remember what items were in it) 21 times. It should take most people 4 to 8 minutes to complete the test.

Interactive test

Make sure you read the test procedure section before you press start! The first sequence will begin immediately after you click.

Score interpretation

Possible score range from -97 to 71 but almost all scores are between 15 and 60. In the population standardization sample, the average score was 36.3, with 70% of people scoring between 25.2 and 47.4.

People who take this test here on this website obtain scores that are somewhat higher that the general population, likely due to low scorers self-selecting out of taking the test. The distribution of scores received by the people who have taken the test here on this website is graphed below.


This test is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. The components necessary to use this test can be downloaded at